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Back Pain Treatment in Indianapolis, IN

Back pain impacts your ability to enjoy your lifestyle. It limits your mobility, interferes with normal movements and may cause discomfort with the way you engage in normal activities. When you need back pain treatments in Indianapolis, you want to work with a professional who understands the reasons for pain and takes measures to encourage your body to heal.

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Common Causes of Back Pain

At our chiropractic clinic in Indianapolis, we offer natural back pain relief to help with your discomfort. While the specific cause of your pain may vary based on the location on your back, treatments in our clinic help address the common reasons for your pain.

Common causes of lower back pain and upper back pain include:

  • Sciatica
  • A herniated disc
  • Pulled or strained muscles in the back
  • Nerve pain in any area of the back
  • Whiplash
  • Injuries to the back from an accident
  • Poor spinal alignment
  • Poor posture
  • Lifestyle factors, such as looking down at a smartphone or similar devices

By clarifying the cause of your pain, we offer chronic back pain treatment to help with the discomfort. Our treatments vary based on the cause of your pain, so sciatica pain relief may differ from whiplash treatments. We develop a personalized plan to reduce pain and encourage healing in your back.

Back Pain Treatments in Indianapolis

Back pain treatment in Indianapolis depends on the cause of your pain. We may offer different options for lower back pain when compared to upper back pain due to the common factors that contribute to your discomfort.

While the specifics may vary slightly, we offer natural treatments to help with chronic back pain relief. We may use gentle adjustments to improve the alignment of your back. We also teach proper posture and help improve your posture to address pain associated with your body's position. When you have a herniated disc or a similar problem putting pressure on the nerves in your back, we may use decompression therapy to help with your pain. Massage therapy or cold laser therapy help with soft-tissue pain, so we may include it in a treatment plan when you have tension in your muscles or injuries to the muscles that contribute to your pain.

Working with Chiropractors in Indianapolis IN for Back Pain

Chiropractors in Indianapolis IN offer solutions to help with your pain and long-term health. We recommend visiting a professional chiropractic clinic in Indianapolis when you have sudden and severe pain. You also want to work with a professional when the pain persists or worsens over time. You should consider treatment after an accident, particularly if the pain starts a few days later. Some injuries, like whiplash, may not cause immediate symptoms, so you do not want to wait for treatment.

Receive Back Pain Treatment from Our Indianapolis Chiropractor

Healing after an injury to your back or reducing pain from your lifestyle starts with clarifying the cause of your pain.

To learn more about addressing back pain or to set up an appointment with a chiropractor, call 317-243-2392 today.

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In observance to Memorial Day, our office will be closed the afternoon of Wednesday, May 23rd to Monday, May 28th. We will resume regular business hours on Tuesday, May 29th at 10:00am.

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Monday8- 12:30pm3 - 6:30pm
Tuesday8 - 12pm3 - 6:30pm
Wednesday8- 12:00pmClosed

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Meet Dr. Jonathan Hull Dr. Jonathan Hull was born and raised in Illinois. He is a graduate of Palmer College of Chiropractic, 1995. He then moved to Indiana and became the owner of the Hull Chiropractic Clinic in 2000. Read More

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